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The perfect storm


A few years ago I went to South Africa with one of my very best friends, Martin. When we came to East London we stayed at a very low budget hostel called the Sugar Shack. The rooms were terrible but the view was great and so was the storm that came during the night!

Magic mist


I took this photograph below the big Buddha statue on the island of Lantau (Hong Kong). We did not get much sun that day…

View from the water

Hong Kong

It is very cheap to take a ferry in Hong Kong. The Star ferry only cost about 4 sek. From the water you always get a good view of a city and there is no one that will get in your way.

City awake at night

View of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a truly amazing city just like New York. It is clean, camera gear is cheap and people are friendly even though there is a language barrier. It is really nice to watch the city come alive at night. We were lucky to be staying high up on the hillside of Hong Kong. […]


Skyscraper in New York

Everywhere you go in New York there are skyscrapers. This one had an interesting design. The aeroplane gave a pretty cool reflection in the windows of the building. I took many photos of skyscrapers, but I think that this one was the most interesting.