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Road sign


If we had road signs like this one in Sweden perhaps people would obey them… 🙂


Skyscraper in New York

Everywhere you go in New York there are skyscrapers. This one had an interesting design. The aeroplane gave a pretty cool reflection in the windows of the building. I took many photos of skyscrapers, but I think that this one was the most interesting.

A walk in New York

Times Square

This photo was taken during a nice walk down Broadway to Times Square. It was a warm summer night in august. New York is a really cool city and I must go there again soon.

New York in some duotone


A view of the Big Apple from the Staton Island ferry. I really recommend to take the free trip from the south end of Manhattan.

Ground Zero

This photo is one of my favorites. I took this one back in 2005 when I was in New York. There was a celebration of all brave police officers and firefighters in New York that day. The photo is taken at Ground Zero. I felt a very strange and sad feeling when I was standing […]