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Expensive view

View of Stockholm

This view will cost you 76258 SEK per square meter. The picture was used in an ad for an apartment in Svea torn and was published in Svenska Dagbladet. It´s nice to be an amateur like me and to see pictures that I have taken in one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden.

City awake at night

View of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a truly amazing city just like New York. It is clean, camera gear is cheap and people are friendly even though there is a language barrier. It is really nice to watch the city come alive at night. We were lucky to be staying high up on the hillside of Hong Kong. […]


Skyscraper in New York

Everywhere you go in New York there are skyscrapers. This one had an interesting design. The aeroplane gave a pretty cool reflection in the windows of the building. I took many photos of skyscrapers, but I think that this one was the most interesting.